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Remember the Brady Bunch kitchen –wrap-around brick containing a wall oven where Alice faithfully produced dinner night after night? Our clients’ 1960’s kitchen shared this feature, forcing the aesthetics to revolve around rose hued brick. Client goals included "more elbow room" for food prep, Craftsman era aesthetics, and, at all costs "save the brick!" Adjoining rooms and budget precluded expanding the footprint of this north-facing kitchen so we retained roughly the same configuration while updating the finish palette to create a fresh, clean craftsman workspace. A large bank of full depth cabinets and Viking refrigerator were placed alongside the brick wall as a visual counterweight. Included in this run of cabinets is a new, household “office” area (set back from the other cabinets to help define standing space and allow for better traffic flow into the adjoining hallway). Visually powerful iridescent glass tiles and Bronzo quartzite counters were chosen to further counterweight the brick, provide a colorful compliment to the wall’s rose hues, and bring in a touch of modernism characteristic to the ‘60’s home.