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This trellis-covered patio was designed to compliment an existing screen room while making way for new gardens and ... a wood-burning pizza oven. The patio design features a grotto of sorts (dug 24" below grade) surrounded by an open trellis system and built-in granite benches for seating. Facing opposite the trellis, 3' and 4' boulders are strategically placed around the oven to create planting beds (pizza herbs) and to complete the patio "enclosure." The patio floor is covered with 3/8" chipped granite to provide a level surface and to allow for natural drainage without hardscaping.

The "pizza patio" construction truly is low maintenance — the only item not constructed of stone, brick, or stucco is the trellis itself — which is fabricated from Azek® and coated with a paint meant specifically for this maintenance-free, plastic, exterior trim.

Photos: Paul Markert, Markert Photo, Inc.