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"We began looking to remodel our house in 2003 largely because we wanted to add a mudroom area and renovate the kitchen. We had met with four different contractors before we hired DiGiacomo Homes.


After meeting with Rocky and reviewing his plans, we knew right away that he was the right person. We were very impressed with his design because he made excellent use of our existing space and he was the only contractor whose plans did not involve adding on to the house. His plans effectively integrated the areas we were remodeling with the rest of the house which created a continuity that we didn't get from anyone else.


We were told it would take eight to ten weeks to do the remodel. The project was completed within that time frame. All of the subcontractors showed up when they were supposed to and I don't recall any delays in the schedule. I was pleased with the quality of the work and was very impressed with how clean the work site was. I was also surprised that DiGiacomo Homes offered to fix any problems that came up within the first year. Rocky stopped by a couple of times to fix some minor problems and see how things were going.


Overall, we were very pleased with the process of remodeling our home as well as the finished product. Now I can honestly say that I love my home and I am grateful to Rocky for that."


— Liz Miller, Minnetonka.